Congressman Publicly Supports His Transgendered Grandchild


Congressman Mike Honda recently used Twitter to show his support for his transgender grandchild. The tweet read, "As the proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild, I hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied." The message has been shared and retweeted thousands of times. The Congressman has injected himself into this issue to encourage acceptance and education about transgender rights.

The Congressman explained that he wants to encourage a general acceptance for everyone who may be different. His granddaughter has specifically allowed the Congressman to talk about it, and leaders in the LGBT community seem confident that his granddaughter will have support at school. They note that she is likely to find support specifically because she is so courageous about showing that she is different and is totally okay with that.

As this issue becomes more mainstream and more public figures like Congressman Honda speak out in support of the LGBT community, the public's perception of these issues may change. These changes could ultimately result in more laws and policies that are LGBT friendly. The Steven E. Springer will keep you up to date on any of these changes and what affect they may have on family law issues.

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