Domestic Abuse

Incidents of domestic violence can erupt quickly and require a rapid response. The Law Offices of Steven E. Springer offers clients a distinct advantage because we are:

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Protective Orders in Cases of Domestic Abuse

California has legislated many preventative measures aimed at curbing domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Prevention Act allows victims of abuse to secure an “emergency protective order” to restrain the offender by enjoining specific acts of abuse or excluding the abuser from a dwelling. So, if someone in your household is behaving abusively toward you or a child in your home, you can have that person prohibited from entering your home. On the other side, a wrongly accused person could quickly become homeless. Our family lawyers advocate for clients in each of these situations.

Protecting Victims and Defending the Wrongly Accused

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Spouse and Child Abuse Allegations Affect Divorce Cases

Under the California Family Code, spousal abuse is a factor for the court to consider in deciding on the amount of spousal support. An abusive spouse may have to pay additional amounts for any emotional distress that resulted from the violence. If the spouse to receive support has a history of abuse, those payments can be reduced. An accusation of domestic abuse can also have seriously consequences in a child custody battle. Under California Family Code section 3044, a parent who admits to or is convicted of domestic violence forfeits custody. However, even without a conviction, the court, guided by the “best interests of the child,” hesitates to grant physical custody to a parent who is under suspicion.

Naturally, allegations of verbal, physical and sexual abuse against spouses and children make potent weapons in highly contentious divorces. Where a history of domestic violence exists, we present documented evidence to support our client’s case for support and custody. However, we vigorously oppose false allegations of abuse and fight to uphold our client’s reputation. At The Law Offices of Steven E. Springer, we’re dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards for our practice and demand as much from opposing counsel.

Domestic Abuse Attorneys in Santa Clara County, CA

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