Court Order Modifications

The family court accepted your settlement or entered a divorce decree. Everything is final. However, after all of that work, planning for every contingency, something unexpected comes up that affects the finalization of the divorce. 

Advocating for all Your Post-Divorce Issues

The Law Offices of Steven E. Springer provides capable court advocacy for all post-divorce issues, such as:

  • You or your former spouse lost a job, so it’s impossible to meet the financial commitments;
  • Your or your former spouse accepted a career opportunity out of state, which changes your custody plan;
  • The dependent spouse remarries, so the need for spousal support is called into question; and
  • Your former spouse simply decided not to abide by the court order and continuously violates your rights.

When faced with changed circumstances or noncompliance, you have two choices:

  • Seek a modification that adapts your order to the new situation; or
  • Ask the court to enforce your existing order.

If you have a complaint about how your property was distributed, you’ll have to show more than a sudden financial need. Unless your property division attorney has uncovered some evidence of fraud, that part of your divorce decree may not be open for modification.

Let us help you manage your post-divorce controversies

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Immediate and Effective Assistance

You should choose The Law Offices of Steven E. Springer to manage your post-divorce controversies. Our divorce modification attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience in family law in San Jose, Fremont and Morgan Hill. In that time, we’ve proven to be:

  • Accessible — Post-divorce issues, such as a cessation of support payments, can cause an immediate crisis for you and your children. You must be able to reach your attorney. Our firm welcomes your calls and provides frequent updates on our progress.
  • Prompt — We have the knowledge and experience to take immediate and decisive action when troubles arise.
  • Thorough — Trips to the court should be rare but effective. We act to resolve your current crisis and prevent trouble down the road.
  • Affordable — We can evaluate your case at a free initial consultation. Should it be necessary to go to court, you benefit from our reasonable rates.
  • Widely Respected — Your attorney’s reputation with the court matters. Frequent requests for modifications make a lawyer appear disorganized, hasty and unprepared. Our family attorneys are recognized as honest and conscientious. When we represent you in court, we will present the court with organized and well-prepared paperwork that appropriately represents your position.

Court Order Modification Attorneys in Santa Clara County, CA

Even if you and your spouse are amenable to adjusting to your new circumstances, a handshake agreement is not in your best interest. Your divorce decree is upheld by the law. Until the court issues a new order, you run a grave risk of relying on an informal understanding. Make sure that your rights are fully protected.