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My Spouse Is Prolonging the Divorce

The Law Offices of Steven E. Springer Sept. 14, 2023

Did you know that nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce? That’s a staggering statistic that can hit close to home.

Getting a divorce is never easy, especially when your ex is dragging the process out. It can take a toll on your emotional and mental health, as well as your finances. If you need help speeding up the process—or just aren't sure what steps to take next—The Law Office of Steven E. Springer can help.  

Whether you're asking, "What do I do when my spouse is dragging out the divorce?" or you just want to know how to get the process back on track, our divorce attorneys can give you the answers you need. 

Common Divorce Stalling Tactics

One of the most common stalling tactics used in divorce proceedings is hiding assets. Spouses may try to conceal bank accounts, investments, and other valuable assets to protect these assets from being divided during the divorce.  

Another stalling tactic that some spouses use is requesting continuances. Continuances are requests to delay a hearing or trial in a case.  

While continuances can be granted for legitimate reasons, such as a medical emergency or a need for additional time to prepare, they can also be used as a way to prolong the divorce process. When one spouse refuses to negotiate or compromise, it can bring the divorce process to a halt. This can be frustrating for the other spouse, who may feel like they are ready to move forward and reach a settlement.  

Other stalling tactics include filing frivolous motions and delaying the discovery process by not providing the required information. Frivolous motions are motions that have no legal merit and are filed for the purpose of delaying the proceedings.  

Reasons a Spouse May Want to Stall the Divorce

If you're wondering, "Why is my spouse stalling our divorce?" there could be a few potential reasons. 

One of the most common reasons for stalling a divorce is money. A lot of people get worried about how they will financially support themselves after a divorce. If your spouse is stalling the process, it may be because they are trying to work out a better financial settlement or are trying to hide assets.  

Another reason your spouse may be stalling is to gain an advantage in a pending child custody battle. They may be trying to prove that they are more involved in the children's lives or they may be worried about losing custody altogether.  

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally trying time. Your spouse may be stalling because they are not ready to let go of the marriage. They may be hoping that the situation will change, or they might be trying to hurt you emotionally.  

Also, it's not uncommon for someone to want to stall a divorce as a way of getting back at their spouse. They may be angry or hurt and want to make things difficult for you. 

Tips for Keeping the Divorce on Track

One of the most important things you need to do if you want your divorce to move along smoothly is to keep open communication with your spouse. You don't need to be friends, but you should be able to maintain a level of civility. 

It’s also essential to stay organized. One of the biggest reasons for stalled divorces is a lack of preparedness. Documents, agreements, and forms must be properly filed and managed.  

You can help avoid delays by keeping records of everything, including financial assets and debts, payment of bills during this period, and communication with your spouse. 

Most people don't realize that mediation is often involved in divorce proceedings. This is where a mediator facilitates negotiations between the parties to help them reach an agreement. Mediation can be a simple way to communicate issues with your spouse and resolve the matter without involving the court formally. 

Remember that the end result is the most important thing in a divorce. It’s vital to focus on that instead of getting bogged down in the minute details. Work on keeping your priorities straight, and don't waste resources on unnecessary actions that won't help accomplish your ultimate goal. 

With years of experience in the field, our team here at The Law Office of Steven E. Springer has successfully represented California clients through the end stages of their divorce in San Jose, Morgan Hill, and the surrounding areas.  

Don't Go Through This Alone

Divorce can be a painful and complicated process. When an ex drags out the proceedings, it can make things even more challenging—but you don't have to go through it alone.  

Our attorneys can help ensure that the other party is not hiding assets or inaccurately reporting financial information. We will help you get the financial settlement you deserve, whether that involves property division, spousal support, or other financial arrangements. 

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If you're struggling with a complex divorce, or experiencing difficulty due to an ex-spouse dragging out the proceedings, give us a call and to enlist the guidance and support you need.